Wirtshaus - menu

Hors d ‘oeuvres and salads

Something special right from the start
Domestic beef plays an important role here.
Unforgettable quality that you will immediately confirm with a carpaccio or tartare.
Or try the delicious snails with herbal foam. Either way, a tailor-made start.

Beefsteak Tatar

of Simmentaler beef / butter / toast 
(A, C, D, F, M)


of Simmentaler beef / rocket salad / 
(A, C, F, G, M, O, P)

Smoked salmon

cream horseradish, butter, toast
(A, C, D, F, M)

Backed Cheese

(A, C, G, L, M)

1/2 dozen snails

with herb foam / toast 
(A, C, F, G, L, M, R)

Caesar salad

romaine lettuce / tomato / egg / 
Parmesan / croutons
(A, C, G, M)

Caesar salad with chicken breast filet

romaine lettuce / tomato / egg / 
Parmesan / croutons / Chicken breast fillet 
(A, C, G, M)

Ötztal farmer salad

leaf salad / potatoes / bacon / vinegar-oil
(A, C, F, G, L, M)

Salad from the buffet

seasonal salads with oil and vinegar dressing
(A, C, G, L, M)


Grüners soup pot for 2 persons

beef soup, liver dumpling, semoina dumpling, fried dumpling, noodles, root vegetables 
(A, C, G, L)

Sliced pancake soup

beef broth / sliced pancake 
(A, C, G, L)

Soup with Semolina Dumplings 

beef broth/ Semolina Dumplings 
(A, C, G, L)

Gulash soup 

with bread
(A, C, G, L)

fish, finely fried

"Ötztaler" Salmon trout fillet

Vegetable patch, taglioline, saffron sauce
(A, C, D, G)

"Längenfeld" char filet

saffron vegetable risotto, white wine sauce
(D, G, L, O)

Pasta & Dumplings, Simple good

Pasta trio (stuffed)

Panciotti (scallops, prawns), 
raviolotti (polenta, cheese), 
Le Violette (purple potatoes, mountaincheeseveloute, 
ham, rocket)
(A, B, C, G, M, O)


Ravioli with porcini mushroom filling,
brown butter, mountain cheese, salad bouquet
(A, C, G)

Dumpling trio

spinach dumplings, buckwheat, beetroot dumplings, nut butter, 
(A, C, G, L, M)


Minced meat Bolognese or tomato sauce
(A, C, G)

Ötztal cheese spaetzle

spaetzle, mountain cheese, fried onions
(A, C, G)

Tyrolean Gröstl

roasted potatoes, meat, fried egg, cabbage salad
(A, C, L, M)

Risotto of the season

(A, E, G, O)

Sautéed, grilled & baked

Freshness and quality
When it comes to "Simmentaler Beef", but also when it comes to veal, pork, chicken or fish, selected regional suppliers are our partners. We receive fresh deliveries three times a week. Our suppliers obtain the high-quality meat exclusively from farmers in the Alpine region who have been known and valued for years. Trust based on partnership makes it possible to guarantee freshness and quality at the highest level.


beef fillet, toast, salad
(A, C, F, G, L, M)

Tyrolean roast duo 

sirloin steak, onions, cheese, vegetable,
roast potatoes 
(A, G, L, M, O)


rocket salad, Cherry tomato, Parmesan, potato medallions
(A, C, G, M)

Pork medaillions

vegetables, spaetzle, chanterelle cream sauce
(A, C, G, O)

Grüner's mixed Grill

beef, pork, chicken, French fries,
grilled vegetable 
(A, F, G, L, M, O)

Farmer Cordon Bleu of Veal

with mountainchese, bacon, French fries
(A, C, G, L, M, O)

Viennese Escalope

of Veal, French fries
(A, C, G, L, M, O)

Kid's menu

Mixed Grill

pork, beef, seasonal vegetable, French fries 
(A, C, F, G, L, M)

Viennese Escalope

of pork, seasonal vegetable, French fries 
(A, C, O)

Frankfurt Sausage

French fries
(F, G, L, M, O)


minced meat Bolognese or tomato sauce
(A, C, G)

French Fries

ketchup & mayonnaise

Available on advance booking.

from 2 persons

Grilled pork knuckle

dumpling, sauerkraut
(A, C, G, L, M)

Veal shank

spatzle, vegetables
(A, C, G, L, M)

Fondue "chinoise"

(soup fondue) chicken, beef and pork,
sauces, garlic baguette, french fries
(A, C, G, L, M)

Sweet Final 

About the need for dessert.
From the starter you bravely worked your way up to the main course -
now something sweet to finish off!
We recommend a poured, divine providence that makes every dessert wine superfluous:
The wine noodles. If the dessert is supposed to calm down, then parfait or sorbet.
Or really traditional: Schmarrn from the Kaiser or even a strudel.

(only 12 to 1.30 p.m)

torn pancake, apple sauce, cranberries, raisins 
(A, C, G)

Wine noodles

thick semolina noodles, hot spiced wine sauce 
(A, C, O)

Pancake with ice

2 thin pancakes, vanilla ice cream, 
chocolate sauce, whipped cream  
(A, C, F, G, H)


(C, G)


with prosecco 

Appel strudel

with vanilla sauce or whipped cream 
(A, C, G)

Strudel variation

with vanilla sauce or whipped cream 
(A, C, G)

Chocolate cake

vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, whipped cream 
(A, C, G)

"Heiße Liebe"

vanilla ice cream, hot raspberries, whipped cream 
(A, C, G)

Coup Denmark

vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, whipped cream 
(A, C, G)

Iced coffee

(A, C, G)

Mixed ice cream

vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, whipped cream 
(A, C, G)


Espresso, vanilla ice cream